Map of San Jose de Buenavista

It is bounded by the Municipality of Belison on the northern side, the Municipality of Sibalom on the eastern side, the Sulu Sea on the western side and the Municipality of Hamtic in the southern side.

San Jose de Buenavista has a total land area of 4,450 hectares which is divided into 28 barangays. Fourteen (14) of these barangays are coastal occupying a total of 13.65 kilometer coast line.

The topography of San Jose de Buenavista is generally flat with about 85.56% or 3,807 hectares of its total land area has slope of between 0-3 percent.

San Jose de Buenavista is dissected by two major river systems: the Sibalom River System and the Malandog River System. Minor creeks and streams traverse the entire Municipality.

Its climatic pattern belongs to Type 1 of the Modified Coronas Classification in which it has distinct periods of wet and dry. Wet period is during the months of June to November and dry period is from December to May.

The Municipality of San Jose de Buenavista is a first class municipality and is the capital town of the Province of Antique.