Public Bidding Documents Fee

A.    COLLECTION OF FEES AND CHARGES IN THE OPERATION OF THE FOLLOWING MUNICIPAL ECONOMIC ENTERPRISES:   a.                   Public Market b.                   Slaughterhouse c.                    Cemetery d.                   Parking or Public Utility Vehicles Terminal e.                    Commercial Stalls f.                    Medical Service Facilities g.                   Cold Storage Facility h.                   Fish Port Facility   Requirement            : Previous Day or Month Official continue reading : Public Bidding Documents Fee

Certification Fee

A.     ISSUANCE OF INDIVIDUAL COMMUNITY TAX CERTIFICATE (CTC)   Requirement           : One copy of Duly Accomplished Taxpayer’s Data Sheet   Fees           : Five pesos (Php 5.00) per year with additional tax of one peso (Pph 1.00) for every thousand pesos of income regardless of whether from business, excise or continue reading : Certification Fee

Business Tax

 OUR SERVICE STANDARDS   A.     ASSESSMENT AND COLLECTION OF BUSINESS TAXES AND OTHER FEES   Requirement            : 1. One (1) set of duly Accomplished Business Application Form  (three copies) 2. One (1) set of Business Assessment Form   Fees            : As per 2016 Municipal Revenue Code of San Jose dB, Antique continue reading : Business Tax

Land Tax and Auctions

A.     ISSUANCE OF LOCATIONAL CLEARANCE AS TO ITS USE   Requirements     : Location Map, Approved Survey Map from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources  (If Marine Land : Barangay Certification that there is no proposed project to be put up in the said location)   Fees      :  P50.00     HOW TO continue reading : Land Tax and Auctions