Payment Records

A.     ISSUANCE OF WITHOLDING TAX CERTIFICATE   Requirement                      :           Letter of Request   Fees                      :           NONE     HOW TO DELIVER THE FRONTLINE SERVICE (FOR SUPPLIERS)   Steps/Procedures It will take you Please approach 1 Verification of the disbursement vouchers as to the amount withheld 15 minutes GLENDA continue reading : Payment Records

Payroll and Deductions

OUR SERVICE STANDARDS   A.     CERTIFYING OF DISBURSEMENT VOUCHERS   Requirement/s: Pre-requisite documents:   FOR PROCUREMENT    : Purchase Request, Obligation Request/Certification of Availability Of Funds, Disbursement Voucher, Requests for Quotation, Abstract of Canvass, Charge/Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, Acceptance & Inspection Report, Requisition & Issue Slip, Acknowledgement Receipt (For equipment)        FOR PAYROLL     : Job continue reading : Payroll and Deductions