A modern fire service fully-capable of ensuring a fire-safe nation by 2034.



We commit to prevent and suppress destructive fires; investigate its causes; enforce Fire Code and other related laws; respond to man-made and natural disasters and other emergencies.



Services Offered

1. Issuance of Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC) for Business Permit

2. Issuance of Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC) for Occupancy Permit

3. Issuance of Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance (FSEC) for Building Plan

4. Issuance of Fire Safety Inspection Certificate for Installation Clearance

5. Ugnayan sa Barangay Program

6. Fire Safety Lecture and Fire Exit Drill

7. Kiddie and Junior Fire Marshal Program

8. Fire Prevention Activities

9. Fire Safety Inspection on all Public and Private Establishments

10. Training of Volunteer Fire Brigade

11. Provide Emergency Medical and Rescue Services

12. Conduct Fire Arson Investigation


Roster of Personnel


Ortiaga, Alex L SFO3 Acting Municipal Fire Marshal
Bravo,Fatima B SFO2 Chief, Admin Section
Dioso, Jones E SFO1 Chief, FSES
Clarito,Gerardo R SFO1 Chief, Log/MSAO/FSI
Ortiaga, Alfredo Jr. N FO3 Chief, Operation Section/PIO/IVI Encoder
Escander,Ramil B FO2 Mun.Fin/CA/MRSO/FSI/BPE
Navarette,Zandro R FO2 FAI/FSI/Lineman/Nozzleman
Altobar, Lee A FO1 FAI/FTO/Driver
Severino, Cleidenn G FO1 CAHamtic/FSI/Records Custodian
Macavinta, Paul M FO1 FTO/Driver/FSI
Pechueco, Roger B FO1 FTO/Driver/FSI
Morales,Darrel Jesus Paulus C FO1 Assist.PIO/Opn Clerk/FSI
Vegafria, Donna Mae C FO1 PettyCash Custodian
Lotilla, Samnel Juvin G FO1 FTO/Driver/FireCode Assessor
Villasor,Norman Alphonse P FO1 OnSchooling @ FNTI -FBRC
Magno, Idren H FO1 Lineman/Nozzleman
Pedrosa, Jankit S FO1 FAI/Linemn/Nozzlemn/Fire Code Assessor
Delgado,Sheena Karizza H FO1 CRO/AssistSAO/IVI Encoder