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Vice Mayor's Message

To my fellow San Josenhons,

                The digital or electronics/computer era is now within our midst.

                 It is then timely that the Municipal Government of San Jose de Buenavista, Antique now establish its Official Website for the better delivery of services for the general welfare of the people, and to ensure a more transparent, participatory and accountable government.

                 In so doing, also, all the public transactions of the Local Government Unit of San Jose de Buenavista, Antique will be open to the information and comments of our fellow San Josenhons aimed towards a more responsive, and graft and corruption-free Municipal Government of San Jose de Buenavista, Antique

                 Thank you and my best regards !


Very sincerely yours,



Municipal Vice Mayor
San Jose de Buenavista, Antique


Mayor's Message

Krrrruuuhay!!! Welcome to San Jose de Buenavista. The official website of the Municipality of San Jose de Buenavista is just within your fingertips, just log on to www.­­­­­­­­­­­

San Jose de Buenavista is the capital town of the Province of Antique, located in the craggy long stretch coastline of Sulu and Celebes Sea. The scenic view allured both local and foreign guests to visit the place, witness the sunset view and experience the hospitality of its people. The land that teaches us to nurture and care for one’s environment and a sarene place to live and enjoy life with dignity and decency.

Through this website we hope to share with you information on various services offered by the local government unit, current events, investment opportunities and tourist destinations in the Municipality.

Furthermore, this website hope to encourage and inspire you to come visit and invest in San Jose de Buenavista, a place you may call your own. Enjoy your stay and be part in touching the lives of San Josenhons.

Warm welcome.



Municipal Mayor